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The Grand Legowelt Nightwind Records Drawing Competition 2016


(may take a while before all the drawings are loaded below)

These are the results of the 2016 Legowelt Nightwind Records Drawing competition
Thanks everyone so much for sending in your drawing! It was really hard to choose
because there were so many talented participants (over a 100!) and there were a lot
of great mesmerizing beautifull drawings/art etc.

I will try to include every send in piece in a videoclip that will appear later this, or early next, year.

Here is a raw background mix with demos/stuff from the forthcoming Nightwind Records catalogue
 for you to play while viewing this gallery, also as a thank u for everyone that send in their artwork!!!

R E S U L T S :

1st Prize Winner:

A signed vintage Yamaha PSS570 digital FM synthesizer goes to:


2nd Prize Winner:
A Box of rare Legowelt and related artists records goes to:


3rd Prize Winner:
A d'Wolfrero 100% organic cotton luxurious Legowelt T-Shirt
+ Nightwind CD's + Nightwind Refrigerator Magnet pack goes to:


4th Prize Winner:
A guide to mind altering plants of the Northern hemisphere goes to:


5th Prize Winners:

Because we got so many entries we have a 5th bonus prize

Another d'Wolfrero Legowelt T-shirt goes to the following people:





Runners Up: (In no particular order)

Sylvian Garcia
Gauntlet in the southwestern desert with croissant and peyote upgrades

Marlies Staples
Warm and Wooley Howling wolf ninja campfire

Florian Andreas Schuster
Great old school electro LP cover vibes :) with nice Satomi Tamiyama MAT64 reference


Andrei Kedrin
Dig the simple freshness of this one!

Mary Nguyen
Ethiopian Ski Dream

Floris De Smedt
Sluimer Kroketten Snacks Videogame Love the croissant moonlight
and how it shines on the Jeep and stuff

Ewa Pietkun
Love the sinister atmosphear, that bear is spot on....thus
u win a shirt & Nightwind refrigerator magnet set

supercool one from Pelf Sollution :)

Luz (7 years old)
Alien Disco Party, seems like a fun party!

Kingston Poplar
Baby in the holodeck

Elzbieta Gizicka
Mesmerizing soft aquarell touches

Venesa Caponero
Nice fairytale dreamy stuff

Vladimir Kato
Cool Cops

Havelock Grim
Nobo Sprits Museum (Modern Museum of Nobosprits MOMONOBO)

Andres Bruno
Asteroid cookie office

Fredd Lundissimo
Love the colours and overall atmosphere

Rachel King send in a small comic, I made an animated GIF out of it
its called Cucumber Station (its an Animated GIF may take a while to load)

Eddy Rocksteady
Dig the tropical green overall

Gennaro & Monica
Electron drummachines &  the green grocer beaver is pretty much perfect

Marijn Dionys
Love the 70s ad brochure vibes in the background

A cool graffiti piece by Benedickt Gancwajch!
location: Lucavsalas iela 2, Rīga, LV-1004

Simon Villaret
Cool Amiga dPaint Graffitti style

Kuba Borkowicz
Artistic space crimes

Trippin' electricity masts

SOL 'The Eye'
stares into infinity...quite beautifull

Slavo Basslord
Analysis Jelly, love those alien skirts!

Jan Estrada Osmycki
Fresh cyber highways

Yasmin Lever
Lock Ness Frosty and from the North

Tom Marshall
Natufian Model Agency

Andrea D'Arsie

Tanel Matsalu
Harvesting Space Weed, most excellent

Anouk Beynon
A conduit of trancendent inspiration

Luciann Waldrup
some crazy stuff going on here

Matthew Gleames
Clean Lines contrasting colourfull fonts

Lauren Ajandeaoifjao Ganador
Lets buzzz this earthling!

Lee Chard
Colourfull bliss

Michael Schioler Tingsgard
Is that Woody Allen?

Futuristic space emblem

Polly Moneaux
Hooverboard void!?

Amazing piece by Haze from Mexico (who also did the design for the Legowelt d'wolfrero t-shirt)
Love the psychedelic underground counter comic almost Crumb-style vibe
hopefully we can make this into a poster in the future

E.T dancing trip

Tom Cochien
Reversed SETI transmissions

Chris Petro
The Langoliers are coming!

Thomas Mueller
Date with a wolfhound

Michael Brijbag
Inflated outside the spacestation

Duncan Roberts
A trout in the studio

Taulant Salihi
This also looks like some kind of puzzle, can you crack it???

Pjotr Piskozub
Flamboyant rosach test

Jack Coyle
A Storm is coming

Like a cross between DDR style peanutbutterjar art and psytrance

Bruno Sandru
Dystopian Metropolis

Julio Resendiz
A colorfull brain seashell

Fantastic sky and moonwind

Jeff Colourtone
maps of synths

Julia Walker
Flying flowers

Leandro Ramirez Demaratus
boolean patterns

James Enox
And now for something completely different

Hebrew Cat Tamer
Jojo Roll Me Something To This Memphis Joint

Creep Something
some kind of arcane device

Huub Van Den Heuvel
Linus penguins with a Stanislaw Lem-esque touch

Fernando from Mexico

Lucius Rijnja
Play it again sam

Klaas Bombeke
Een soort van Neuro Abacus

David Strot

Marinko Vukojevic
softice cream contrast

Rebecca Setnicar Bucky
Nightwind witchcraft

Sergiu Rue Ionita
Nightwind records HQ in California

Marcin Kolejko
Plant synth

Wim Lots
A maelstrom of fractalus

Tim Hasler
reminds me of those swiss demon masks

Lucie Evrard
very serene

Gustavo Garza
intense flowers

Marta Remus
Nice, floating over a sea of liquid fabric

Thessa Torsing
A calm soothing futuristic garden for a modernist mansion

Andrea Hint0 Belli
Alien Abduction from the swimming pool

Peter  Krawzik

Mikhel Kleis
Like from a 1991 Dpaint art floppy, sweet

Dirk Hoogeveen
Music For Intergalactic Sunflowers

Pawel Galecki
Solving Dillemas of unconsciousness or a country trip

Rollulus Rouloul
Stravinsky gasstation!

6 triad

Pablo Arellano
Wienerdog! woof woof!

Caroline Heinecke
cat hat

Holger KannengieBer
Nightwind Attackships on Fire in the Orionbelt

Indonesian nightwind hunter

Steve Junkins
Qurbius (Thats the name of the alien) visits Biaritz

Eljka Grobotek
High as a kite

Clemens Rendl
Octopus Incident

Litman Music
Nice architectural dreamy style

Menno Van Der Leden
A nice map!

A dyptich Dusk & Dawn in a remote land in our universe

Andrew Muenchow
Nightwind reveals to Ultramus the arcane power of Formalhaut

Aga Maria
Ooops there goes the earth into a wormhole

Rosy Southwell
dreaming of color burgers

Midi Error
You are Here

Hansen Fuppman
Dr Wobbles Cyberpunk

Szymon Gizicki
Japanese-esque / East european style relief print

Jaron Eldon
Inside Nightwind Records flowwwww chart

Antonin Gerco
Plant Music LP

mp3 player by Rob Bothof